Join The Movement


Are you a YouTube star, Instagram aficionado, Facebook ninja or Snapchat slayer? Does leading fellow teens toward a future of turning what they love into a great life get you pumped? As an ambassador, you will be getting paid for your social media savvy, communication and creative skills. 




Still on board?  Check out the details below!



We will be looking to you to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions on how to best guide, inspire and inform your peers to make the best choice for themselves after high school. Sharing your unique perspective through various assignments and group participation, talking with the teens around you and picking their brains will be part of the job.


  1. Respond to weekly "challenges" and send video/photo content back to Buck The Quo headquarters.
  2. Interact with Your Friends to get feedback and come up with  ideas.
  3. Respond/react to Buck The Quo content. Tell it like it is. No sugar coating.
  4. Represent Buck The Quo in your town/school.


  • Have access to a webcam or camera (and ability to upload to youtube.)
  • Passion for creativity, entertainment or laughing
  • Solid communication/organizational skills
  • Parent/guardian permission to participate 


  • $175 monthly pay
  • Helping Idaho's youth realize their amazing potential and dreams
  • Street Cred
  • Good Vibes

Buck the quo is currently accepting applications for summer and fall of 2016. Apply below to join the buck the quo team.